Millenial (Power) Pink

Millenial (Power) Pink

Photographed by Christina Mizrahi

Decidedly girly and soft, it speaks to the strength of women in this time. We can be whoever we want to and everything that was always attributed to one side of the gender wall are now spilling out- setting the tone for all our current trends. 

Shades of rose quartz and rose gold in jewelry, iPhones. paint, upholstery, have coated our product choices with a retro warmth and a current vibe. 

With all the political strife and cataclysmic world events, Millennial Pink makes us feel connected to gentleness while, at the same time, feeling the power to assert that beauty will win the day. No need for people to be harsh, or edgy, or angry, or tough. 

The real strength comes with choice and this color defines a generation.

See some examples of how designers have used this color and note that not each of these interiors is femme! If you want just a touch, but feel it's too sweet to have too much, then pair it with navy, black, or smokey gray. It can change the way you see the world!


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