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Great design should be seen and heard!.  Click to Listen to Steven's podcast on Design Pods.

Steven is the kind of designer who sweeps you off your feet. Charming, warm and self-assured, he instantly instills confidence that he will make your home that way, too.

Having had the pleasure of speaking with him on several occasions, he revealed an unusual number of talents. He is, at his core, an artistic performer. With his background in dance and musical theater, he has brought forth a set-designer’s flair for the dazzling and the nuanced understanding of a client’s needs that surely developed from years of auditions and ensemble performances.

Fast forward to today- from his interior design training in New York’s Fashion Institute of technology, through his globe-spanning projects and his dramatic flair... What is this tour de force working on? Everything! He is maintaining his bi-coastal design offices, expanding his successful San Francisco staging business into Boston, developing a lighting line with fabled Murano Glass masters, all with his long-term decision to weave together his performing arts and interior’s skills to have his own television show! Knowing it will be as roaring as all his other endeavors, we will want to have front-row seats!

Steven's designs spin you around, dip you, and make you swoon!  It is a sensory extravaganza that is impressive in its range, yet each environment appears connected through incredible attention to detail. Everything in a room- from the art to the lighting to the color palette- is uniquely considered and creates an environment that reflects the inhabitant and the joyful designer who created it.

Take a look at his beautiful installations (below) and get a sense of the man behind them by clicking over to our talk with him on Design Pods.  

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