Fuorisalone Milano 2018

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Photographed by Isabelle Paquin

By Isabelle Paquin, style and design contributor for The Global Design Post and Divine flooring

6 days    I   1372 events

Milano Fuorisalone is a group of events taking place every year in April in different areas of Milan at the same time as the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Salone and Fuorisalone define Milan Design Week, considered by many to be the most important design event in the world. The Fuorisalone is not a Fair event, it doesn’t have a central organisation and it’s not managed by any Institution. It started spontaneously in the early 1980’s, and has expanded into many industry sectors, including automotive, technology, telecommunications, art, fashion and food.

Altered States  -  CeaserStone Event

Designer: Snarkitecture

“Our starting point was the Kitchen Island, which has transformed from a functional cooking area into the hub of the modern home, a space for entertainment, social interaction and performance,” says Eli Feiglin,VP of Marketing at Caesarstone. In creating Altered States, Snarkitecture looked at water as the most important “ingredient” in the kitchen, drawing inspiration from its changing states in nature (glacier, river, geyser) and in the kitchen (ice, water, steam).

Variations of Time EVENT

Designer: Nendo

By examining the simple mechanism of sand falling through a constricted passage due to gravity, and altering the speed and the angle, one can actually change the perception of the flow of time. In other words, the concept of this collection could be said to be “designing time itself”. The four different hourglasses were carved from a block of transparent acrylic.


Designer: Nendo

Spring Drive    I    Grand Seiko EVENT

Designers: Takt Project, Shingo Abe

Grand Seiko watch manufacturer presented the installation “Spring Drive”.  Using unique watch technology, two works explored “glide motion”, representing the flow of time.

Paper & Light EVENT

Designers: Tomoko Fuse, Denis Guidone

Designer Denis Guidone and origami artist Tomoko Fuse created Paper and Light, using traditional techniques in contemporary applications. This project includes a series of lamps made from folded washi, a traditional Japanese paper tougher then ordinary paper. The folded light installments illuminate the area and create playful shadows.

Giants with Dwarf    I    Horgenglarus EVENT

Designer: Stephan Hürlemann

The installation “Giants with Dwarf” consists of seven figures: a bee, duck, dwarf, monkey, panda, Pink Panther and tired warrior. Architect and designer Stephan Hürlemann and his team assembled the figures, up to three metres tall, from table and chair parts from Horgenglarus’s parts archive that is over one hundred years old. These include elements of popular chair models like the classic (1918), select (1934) and klio (2014). The parts were left in the condition in which they were found and were connected with cable ties. Individual body parts of the figures can be moved with control wires.

Limitless CO-existence    I    Lexus EVENT

Designer: Sota Ishikawa

The “CO” event brought visitors face-to-face with dynamic artwork existing in four dimensions. Built on an imaginative ideology that everyone is the center of the world, a visually infinite number of hanging vertical strings were used to represent the world’s individuals. Each hanging vertical string was simultaneously illuminated by a single light source, yet not one was in the shadows; a representation that each individual has her/his own center.

The Diner    I    Cosentino Group, Surface magazine

Location: Ventura Centrale       Designers: David Rockwell, Design Studio 2x4

Well-known New York architect David Rockwell and his studio the Rockwell Group teamed up with Surface magazine to commemorate its 25th anniversary by creating The Diner, a celebration of American design. The exhibit presented an unforgettable contemporary interpretation of the archetypal roadside restaurant, as experienced when traveling through the United States. Four distinct environments—the Roadside Diner, the East Coast Luncheonette, the Midwest Diner, and the West Coast Diner—riffed off aesthetic ideas from around the country, but each was given a modern twist.

Soundscape    I    AGC Asahi Glass event  

Designer: Motosuke Mandai

AGC Asahi Glass, a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, debuted their sound-generating glass to the world. Sound-generating glass is designed with a special intermediary layer that mitigates the inherent resonance characteristics of glass. This makes it possible to produce clear, steady sounds ranging from high to low, throughout the spectrum of audio frequencies.

A Life Extraordinary    I    moooi EVENT

Pet Lights: Designer Marcel Wanders

Iconic Eyes: Designer Bernhard Dessecker

Mega Chandelier: Designers Moooi Works

3D-printed chairs    I    Nagami event

Rise and Bow: Designer Zaha Hadid Architects

Abet Laminati    I    Atelier Mendini. Le Architetture

Exposition at La Triennale

Hommage to Achille Castiglioni    I    Flos Showroom

Super Luzy’z    I    Ingo Maurer

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