Gwen Driscoll

Photographed by Driscoll Design

Memphis is an interesting, culturally-rich city- an inland, Southern, riverboat port that is known for its jazz, blues, and Elvis, as well as its food. No wonder it also spawns diverse, creative design, and Gwen Driscoll spans the entire spectrum with grace and talent.

It is seldom that a designer with this range can be found. Her traditional (with a twist) interiors look as settled and seamless as any older home that has been passed down through generations, with each making just a slight imprint for a collective haven, yet her modern work is pure and crisp. It is clear that she can get inside the project and deliver a personal masterpiece for her clients.

Joined by Julie and Anna Wunderlich, she also runs the gamut in her use of color, with beautiful neutral palettes and vibrant, knock-out palettes for children.

Please go over to her portfolio, via the link above, to discover this style-leader from Memphis!