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Over the past couple of years, we have had the incredible privilege of getting to know some of the most talented design stars in the world (or as we call them, Design Gurus). Some we have known for a long time, through working on projects together, and others we came to know by reaching out and interviewing them about their phenomenal work.

They range in style and geographical location, as well as their purpose for being in this wonderful profession, but the one thing they have in common is an exuberant generosity of spirit. The gurus delight in their own, considerable talents and they want to share them with you.

In our new membership, we will be referring to these luminaries for answers to questions, fascinating interviews, and tips on how the "best of the best" pull off these fantastic interiors. Some will be with us each month, others from time to time, but they will be our constant inspiration as we build the Design Circle- this community of talent.

Expect to see in-depth profiles and instructive inspiration from these gurus as we feature them continually throughout the year.

Listed below is each by name, along with their particular (but certainly not only!) distinguishing talent, and a link to each of their sites. They all have so many facets, that writing a "one-liner" is difficult, so please take a moment to click over to each one's site to fully appreciate their breadth.

We look forward to you joining with us and them; to enhance your life as a designer (or design lover!

The GDP Design Gurus: (Listed top to bottom, left to right)

Jean-Louis Deniot- Paris, France.  Highly sought-after and celebrated for his exquisite, refined, and witty international interiors.

Deborah Oppenheimer- Hong Kong, China.  Rich detail and unparalleled, edited rooms for an international clientele.

Roger Thomas- Las Vegas, Nevada. The creative genius behind the extravagant resorts of Wynn Properties and extensive product designer.

Kim Lewis- Austin, Texas.  The philanthropic, boundlessly creative, pioneer of tiny homes, and master of whimsical chic.

Jonathan Rachman- San Francisco, CA.  The standard-bearer of gorgeous, detailed interiors that transcend era and place.

Esther Dunbar-Cullum-  Sonoma, CA. Renowned artist and interior's carpet / textile designer, co-founder of the GDP.

Josh Kilmer-Purcell & Brent Ridge-  Sharon Springs, NY.  The creative couple behind the coveted lifestyle brand, Beekman 1802.

Sara Story- New York, NY.  An artistic designer; she builds fascinating rooms and products with a sophisticated, edited eclecticism.

Vicente Wolf- New York, NY. A designer for our time. Multi-faceted interior design super-star- photographer, product designer, and innovator of incomparable style.

Rachel Horn- S.M. de Allende, Mexico & Austin, TX.  Delightfully original, bi-cultural designer of uncommonly beautiful rooms and products.

Steven Favreau- Boston, MA. The "Design Showman" and creative entrepreneur/ founder of the Favreaulous Factory. His high-energy work is expertly produced for impact.

Virginia Ball- Los Angeles, CA.  The "go-to" hospitality designer for chic, balanced interiors, for some of the most elegant hotels in the world.

Gerald Pomeroy- Boston, MA.  A classicist who exercises traditional philosophies to create luxurious, tasteful interiors.

Vani Sayeed- Newton, MA.   Her gorgeous painting talent, color sense, and Indian upbringing come together for a truly unique brand of interiors.

Marshall Watson- New York, NY.  "Classic" is his hallmark. Known for his meticulously researched, European inspired, elegant style and fabulous furniture collections.

Lisa Robison- Dallas, TX  Founder and Board Chair of Dwell with Dignity- a non-profit that brings health and wellness through design, into the homes of those who so desperately need it.

Caleb Anderson- New York, NY. His refined eclecticism brought him to a partnership with the venerable Jamie Drake. Together, they will bring back antiques in the most modern of ways!

Tina Komninou- Athens, Greece  Worldly and international, she creates places we all want to be. Bespoke designer of furnishings and interiors. 

Adam Hunter- Los Angeles, CA  Immensely talented, innovative,  joyful designer to the stars, whose work embodies the new  Golden Age of Hollywood.

Beata Heuman- London, UK  Bespoke Interiors and product designs borne of an international experience and a design pedigree, earned through nine years with Nicky Haslam.

As you can see, this is a rounded, diverse group of incredible talent and we are excited to continue to work with them as our design touchstones as we move forward!

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