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Photographed by Diana Place - The Global Design Post

As I walked up the hill to the historic William Flagg Homer House in the center of Belmont (a beautiful suburb of Boston, Massachusetts), I felt a rush of excitement.  Exploring a Designer Show House is firmly on my Top 10 list.  Being able to meet and speak with the designers who have transformed the mansion's more than 20 rooms is akin to meeting a gifted artist at a gallery opening, or getting a backstage "meet and greet" at the concert of a top musician.

I was fascinated by the "inspiration stories" many of the designers shared. Both Theo & Isabella Design Group's "Wunderkammer" (Cabinet of Curiosities) installation in the library and Elizabeth Home Decor & Design's  stunning Front Parlor, with its color palette of lush green pastures and the lilac glow of summer sunsets, were inspired by Winslow Homer (a frequent visitor and nephew of the home's owner).  

To share my experience and  tempt you to book your Show House tickets soon (the show opens Oct 7 - Nov 5), I have included photos of many of the gifted designers in their rooms below.  You will also find a list of all of the Show House's designers that links to their websites to see more of their beautiful work.  

The "Wunderkammer" Library by Susan Schaub and Scott Bell .  See how the polished Venetian plaster walls shimmer as a backdrop for the fascinating collection of objects, rich furnishings contrast with the contemporary, saddle oyster shell lighting fixtures)

Theo & Isabella Design Group


The Parlor",  by Elizabeth Benedict. The cluster of blue and white ginger jars on the white octagonal table and bookshelf of all-blue books on brass and glass bookshelves, beautifully  combining traditional and modern.
(Elizabeth Home Decor & Design is a full service design firm and brick and mortar studio shoppe)

Through the Grand Foyer and up a sweeping fushcia curvilinear staircase, the eye is led to a beautiful stained glass window, designed by Cutting Edge Homes. Once at the top, you  face a group of 5 doorways that take you inside five, unique rooms:

- Spazio Rosso's  "Disco in the Garden of Good & Evil" in its second floor Nook, and 

 - Robin Gannon Interiors & Home's "Charlotte's Closet" a sumptuous master bedroom, the historic home's span across centuries, 

- Hammond Design's  "Office for Wonder Woman", pays homage to JL Boston's commitment to young girls and women,  

 -  Tess & Ted Interiors and AnaVera Design once again collaborated to create "A Room of One's Own" and answer the call for a place where a woman's responsibility is only to herself. (I personally fell in love with their custom wall planters that transformed a simple wall into an interior garden.)

This year's Show House is brimming with beauty, meaning and nothing short of pure creativity!.

The Grand Foyer by Cutting  Edge Homes' Anu Shah, Chief Designer &COO and Interior Designer, Laura Custodie

Disco in the Garden of Good & Evil -- The Nook created by Stephanie Rossi of Spazio Rosso (custom artwork like the photograph below stimulates contemplation and inspiration)

"Charlotte's Closet" Master bedroom by Robin Gannon Interiors & Home (sumptuous beauty and fabulous surprise elements like the fish trap inspired ceiling light)
Residential and hospitality interior design firm and luxury home accessories boutique. 

"An Office for Wonder Woman" designed by Hammond Design's Melissa Hammond and Meg Bennett. (check out the ceiling light nod to Wonder Woman's shield)

Tess & Ted Interiors 
and AnaVera Design again collaborated to create "A Room of One's Own" (love the custom, modular wall planter system they created!)

An unexpected surprise, -- "color kismet" married many of the rooms, as though they were created by a single designer! Here are a few:

-  Mally Skok Design's romantic Oval Dining Room with glorious chocolate walls and a "hipster twist",  Kim Macumber Interiors' "Petite Pantry" brimming with warmth, beauty and a hint of fun, Dibby Flint Design's "Maid's Pantry" with its fabulous chevron wallpaper and accents, and 500sqft designer's, Katie Brown's welcoming, airy "Tiny Mudroom" each flowed beautifully, one to the next.  (see a glimpse of Kim and Dibby's rooms through the doorway in Mally's Dining Room photo below)  They each honored, yet modernized, the period details and rich woodwork of the 1853 William Flagg Homer house.  (so sorry to not have photos of the Maid's Pantry or Tiny Mudroom -- but you'll have to come see them for yourself!)

Mally Skok Design fell in love with the Oval Dining Room's majestic shape and decided to debut her new hand-screened "Botanica" fabric on its tall windows.

Photography by Sarah Winchester Studios 

Le Petite Pantry by Kim Macumber Interiors is a visual delight, lovingly filled with pieces like Kim might find when wandering through the Paris flea markets.

Photography courtesy of Kim Macumber Interiors

-  Kelly Rogers Interiors and Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio perfected the concept of living large with less space and fewer things.  Their color palette, born out of the rich floral draperies beautifully married that of The Parlor next door. 

Upstairs, Clifton Lyons Design's "Rhapsody in Blues" bathroom glowed!  Linda's artwork accented the dramatic Dutch tiles and the hidden toilet made for a simply beautiful Ladies Bath.

Elza B Design's "It's a Girl!" nursery bedroom is whimsical yet refined and created without the traditional color palette.  The wallpapers in the room and interior closet play off all of the room's splendid textiles.

"The Great Escape"  -- Laurie Gorelick Interiors' modern interpretation of the study - the wainscot is a traditional element that doesn't take it'self too seriously painted a fabulous high-gloss green.

"The Toasting Room", created by the gifted mother-daughter design team Boehm Graham Interior Design, is a chic "getaway" space for contemplation and relaxation (and certainly some bubbly!)  Loved the punches of "Veuve Clicquot" (label) orange with the soft "greige" color palette.

As you enter, and again as you leave (if you can bear it),  you will be welcomed by Embellishments Fine Custom Interiors' stunning first impression of the home -- the "Vestibule".  Abby Welling Forstall took on this small but important space with the perfect combination of style and carefully planned organization.  She draws our attention to the glazed ceiling with leopard motif crown molding and a commanding chandelier.   

Aahhh.. a regret of the day is that I missed speaking with and capturing a photo of Vivian Robins Design's zen-like Gentleman's Bath.  This elegant and moody space's design was inspired by its artisan copper tub.  You will have to see it for yourself..

And last, but certainly not least;  the center hallways and stairways were adorned with the spectacular artwork of dozens of local artists.  This open-themed group exhibition of 2D works was brought to this year's Show House by Lorrie Berry and Jennifer Costello of the National Association of Women Artists.  Look for our special feature on the works of these local artists.

I hope you enjoy this Sneak Preview!  Look for our followup pieces.

CLICK to see our article showcasing the BEFORE photos.  You will be even more astonished by the transformation at the hands, hearts, and minds of this year's Designers. (complete list in the BEFORE article)


The Junior League of Boston (JL Boston) has partnered with the Belmont Woman's Club to host the 2017 Designer Show House.  This premier design showcase will be open to the public from October 7th - November 5th, 207, featuring the exceptional creative talents of the Boston area's top designers and landscapers.

The JL Boston Designer Show House has been a celebration of Boston's talented design community since 1971.  This year, the designers will transform more than 20 rooms at the historical 1853 William Flagg Home House to increase awareness of, and to raise funds to further the League's vital community programs serving the women and children of Greater Boston.

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