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This year’s Decorator Showcase in San Francisco is a feast of elegant ideas- each designer perfectly understanding the task of honoring the 1904 Newsom & Newsom masterpiece, while nestling it firmly in 2017.


Celebrating their 40th anniversary, the range of unique concepts that these star designers can come up with while working with the same architecture is astonishing.

Arriving at the Press Preview, in the light rain, at the foot of the demi-lune entry stairs, the three-story Classic Revival beckoned like a large gift box, waiting to be opened. 

Greeted in a Grand Entry done by Ironies, the renowned design team of Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger, one is immediately ensconced  in Classic Revival symmetry- a living room and library of equal size, but with fantastically different visions. On the right, a binary, crisp, modernist library by Martin Kobus and on the left, a lyrical, elegant living room, saturated in every tone of green, by Jonathan Rachman.

Kobus' room is binary in every sense of the word. This  room is very “then” and “now”, dark and light, ethereal and edgy. Plaster relief of delicate acanthus “papers” the ceiling, while sleek, interlocking rings of light suspend from it. Dutch Master’s paintings have been reimagined as photographs turned into silk light boxes and his entire room is inspired by a mystery- a Rembrandt that was stolen in 1990 from the Isabella Gardiner Museum in Boston. This is intrigue enough, but the level of imagination and the fact that each piece was custom designed, from the cognac leather seating and artwork, to the "tile" end tables and handmade rug, makes this room a place to linger. 

Rachman’s room, across the way, is a glorious contrast with a breath-taking palette of greens that looks like he captured every possible flash of color from the facets of an emerald. Inspired by the friendship between Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn, the room evokes a bygone era of elegance that remains completely timeless. Every bespoke detail is exquisite, but it would be impossible not to specially mention the de Gourney wall covering that clads the room like the lining of a jewel box, with hand-embroidered mimosa blossoms spilling down from the ceiling.

These three spaces set the tone for the entire home, but there are so many more- 25 more to be exact- and each designer is worthy of equal focus because the talent pool is so deep and rich in this showcase.

Every few days, we will feature other rooms and their designers, but if you are in the Bay Area, this is a design tourism opportunity you must take up!

The San Francisco Decorator Showcase runs from April 29- May 29 and the proceeds benefit the Financial Aid Program of San Francisco University High School.

Purchase tickets by clicking here.

For a complete list of the designers, with links to their websites, click here.

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