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We had a fantastic opportunity to interview one of Nashville's design stars, Kimberly Kelly. Warm and cerebral, Kimberley describes her interior design work the way a painter would (which is not surprising, since we found out that she is an accomplished modern artist, as well). Using words like "shadow", "focus",  "form", and "layering", she quite literally could have been telling us about one of the beautiful pieces that she has created and, at times, has worked into her installations.

                                                                                                                                                    "Night Swimming"

As an accomplished graduate of O'More College of Design, and a recipient of the 2012 Angelo Donghia Foundation Senior Scholarship, she was tapped to lead the college's 2017 Designer Show House, a new build in the prestigious Vocé  development, just outside of Nashville. 

Kimberly "set the stage" for the other designers with her choices of finishes and palette. Surprisingly, she chose to paint the house black. Unsurprisingly, it's going to be gorgeous. "Slightly moodier, darker, with mixed metal finishes", the other designers have a sophisticated base upon which to work their own magic. (We will be showing you pictures after 10/19, when the show house opens its doors!)  She loves the way the darker silhouette makes the structure blend with the environment and "glow" from within as the sun goes down.

Kimberly's path to becoming an interior designer is inspiring, as she decided to pursue it later in life than a typical student. Having a young family made it difficult to pursue her passion for design, but as her children got older and she struck out on her own, she rapidly advanced through her degree with purpose and gratitude- doing all four years in just three!. She also possesses an urgency, as she describes it, to create and fulfill her dreams. Even though she had to handle raising her children, her mother having cancer, and a packed academic schedule, she feels that the critical thinking she was exercising in school every day, helped her to manage the difficult times. That, and the the creative outlet she found outside of the home, helped her to feel a sense of balance. "Angst and emotion help the artistic outcomes", she said, "and I always found it amazing how we were forced to really look at things and observe."

Her choices are sophisticated and have a rich depth - even touches of intensity- that make her room compositions stand out. They are rooms you can "read" and enjoy the surprises of light, texture, or juxtaposition. 

Please enjoy these images of some of her work and click here to visit her website. Also, if you are lucky enough to be in Nashville, Tennessee from 10.19.17- 11.12.17, be sure to take in her work in person!


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