The Atlanta "Home For The Holidays" Tour...

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Photographed by David Christensen

If you weren't able to visit  Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles' show house this year, you missed meeting some astonishing designers and seeing their exquisite rooms, but please don't despair! The holidays are a time for joy!

So we though we would spread it around by showing you all of photographer David Christensen's photographs that elegantly lead you through this expertly realized, work of art.

The designers are all from the Atlanta area and together, they created a perfect and enviable "Atlanta Home and Lifestyle" and all to generously support the much-needed and effective non-profit, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

The Global Design Post has had the pleasure of being introduced to some of the designers, so look for ongoing coverage of their individual practices in future articles.

Until then, enjoy their work and have the happiest of holidays!

                                          Barbara Westbrook


                                           Spotlight on Art  

                                           Jimmy Stanton

                                          Jimmy Stanton

                                          James Wheeler

                                           Alice Cramer Interiors

                                            Alice Cramer Interiors

                                            Clary Bosbyshell, Margaux Interiors Ltd.

                    Cathy Rhodes   

                                     Bob Brown

                                                                            Yvonne McFadden 


                                        Shayelyn Woodbury

                                         Patrick Mclean

                                           Patrick McLean 

                 Meredith McBrearty 

                                Meredith McBrearty

                                    Mallory Mathison     

                                        Mallory Mathison 


                                          Lauren Davenport Imber

                                           Laura Walker

                                          Kay Douglass  


                         John Oetgen


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