The "Little Lady With Big Ideas"... And An Even Bigger Heart.

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Photographed by Kim Lewis Designs

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Best known for her six years as lead designer on ABC's hit show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Kim is a “force” in every aspect of her life.   She was tapped by ABC television at the age of 24, when most of us are in still in learning-mode! With energy wattage and creativity beyond that of a mere mortal,  she led the entire team of 25+ designers and carpenters to design over 150 homes in 46 states!  The popular show averaged an incredible 12-17 millions viewers each episode.  Kim thrived under the "extreme” pressure, fueled by the creative process and driven by the "good" their work delivered for so many across the country.

Asked what was one of her most challenging projects while on Extreme Makeover, she recounted the story of installing a 25-foot section of a Southwest Airlines plane fuselage into a home.  This particular episode featured a generous Florida family who regularly flew back and forth to Haiti for missions.  Sparked by the dad's passion for flying, Kim had the idea of using the fuselage as the entry hall of the home.   "I’ll never forget making that phone call. The Southwest rep on the other end said, ‘You need a what?!’ To which I replied: “Yes, that’s what I said… we need a 25-foot section of a retired plane to put in a house…Can you do it?” 

In the years since her time on ABC, Kim has stayed in the spotlight with her own business, Kim Lewis Designs, out of Austin, TX, creating interior designs for both commercial and residential clients.   Her work has been featured on television networks ABC, HGTV, TLC, National Geographic, Spike TV, Animal Planet, and FYI's "Tiny House Nation".   She is also a motivational public speaker, working to empower the build industries to use creativity to inspire others.  CLICK to visit her website and see her amazing projects:  LINK

Through her experience on the show, Kim saw first-hand how much design matters and changes lives.  So, in 2013, she partnered with Touch A Life in Ghana to build a therapeutic art center for children.  This work touches her on a deep personal level;  "I hear from one of the kids every day.."   Kim continues to expand her support for other Art Centers for Healing, including two in Cambodia in collaboration with Rapha House.   CLICK TO SEE VIDEO

Her passion for giving back goes even further.  While in Ghana building the Connor Creative Art Center, Kim met some local artisans and decided to design and launch a line of products, inspired by global inspiration and local collaboration.  So far, she has collaborated with Raven + Lily to design leather products being made in Ethiopia, along with apparel produced by artisans in Ghana.

Asked what she sees herself doing in five years, Kim's energy shifted to emotion as she reflected on her experiences with the children whose lives she has so creatively impacted.  A self-proclaimed nomad, Kim is open to any number of life scenarios… as long as she can create.

Oh, and if she doesn’t sound busy enough, she is planning the launch of her own line of Tiny Homes!


The Kim Lewis formula is oh-so-powerful:

Creativity +  High Energy  +  Big Heart =    Huge Impact

Inside one of Kim's "Tiny Houses"

Kim at Lilly's Art Center in Cambodia

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