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Photographed by Vincent Wolf and Sean Low

The launch of the DESIGN CIRCLE on the Global Design Post, has led to an exciting opportunity for members to connect with GDP Guru designer Vincent Wolf along with Sean Low, founder of The Business of Being Creative


2 Powerful Leaders

60 Design Professionals

1 Impactful Weekly Conversation

Unlimited Topics and Chances to Reinvent Your Design Business

I’m frequently asked in various ways, “What is the secret of your success?”  There is the short answer involving staying true to my vision, surrounding myself with people I value and who value me and hard work, to name a few principles.  Naturally, after forty years in the industry, the list could go on and on. 

What I have really discovered is my desire to convey a more complete answer with designers interested in ‘the real conversation.’  As creative individuals, we face similar challenges that are worth sharing, analyzing and deserving of solutions – that we can unearth together.  In our fast-moving world, few opportunities exist to really delve into these topics.  It would be my privilege to share my experiences with you and help you on your own path for impactful growth, personally and financially. 

The VW Collective is an innovative and interactive learning forum limited to 60 professionals.  For a holistic examination of you, your craft and your career, I invite you to join me in this exploration. 

I have invited Sean Low to participate in this weekly endeavor with me. Sean, with his company The Business of Being Creative, spends his life working with designers on their businesses.  Nobody has THE formula for success other than to be the truest version of themselves to clients, colleagues and employees alike. Sean really does have the ability to bring that authenticity out in the business of the interior designer, separate and apart from the design work itself. Having Sean with me in The VW COLLECTIVE brings a focus and voice on the business of design that I would not have alone.

Topics will target essential issues as well as cultivate group engagement.  Weekly teleconference meetings – with me personally, with Sean Low and/or with a noted guest speaker (industry leader, editor, etc.) – will be scheduled in advance and posted on the website.  In addition to the discussions, you will be asked to complete meaningful exercises and hopefully engage with other members via a private Facebook group.  

Please visit my website, THEVWCOLLECTIVE.COM for more information and to join.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at  I look forward to sharing my experiences and forging a valuable affiliation with you.

Warm regards,
Vicente Wolf


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