What Inspires An Artist?

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Through the pleasure of speaking with and corresponding with Thomas Darnell, he imparted much of what inspires him, but what was most fascinating were the clues his wife, Nicole, sent when she gave us some images for this article- A view from their terrace in the South of France...

A picture of the two of them moving a magnificent seascape he had completed... 

 And a picture of Thomas in a hammock with his dog...

These were very personal photographs, in a way, and not the typical insight that we expected, but they truly did round out the picture of what inspires this astonishing artist. He finds beauty everywhere and relays it to us through his paintings.

Open and warm, he discussed how profoundly his first wife shaped his direction, encouraging him to follow through with his dream of becoming a fine artist after her too-early death. Sharing that as frankly as he does, along with the happy references to his second wife and children, shows a man who honestly cherishes his whole life. This reverence is revealed in his crazy-beautiful work. He takes small and simple beauty and blows it up to give us all an intimate appreciation of that object. Or, he thoughtfully takes the time to celebrate the most tiny, most intricate detail.

We see more because of Darnell's work. We see what he sees and it is shows us a world we all want to live in.

It is a gift from a great talent who has found all his inspiration from his home, family, and garden, his never-forgotten past and his full embrace of the present.

Below are the images he and Nicole sent of his latest masterpiece, its direct inception (photos courtesy of another artist, Jesse Waugh), and the supporting joys that continue to fuel his life-affirming work. We embedded a YouTube video that he created to reveal more of what motivates his long hours in the studio and included some of his past work to give a full impression of this artist's incredible range.


       Courtesy of Jesse Waugh

        Courtesy of Jesse Waugh

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