What We Like To Call "Inspiration"

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Trends should not be followed or ignored. It's not a binary choice.

At the Global Design Post, we like to think of trends as inspiration, not merely fads or dictates. They are fun and stimulating. Sometime they give us something new and fresh to look at and at other times, they revive something that we loved long ago and missed. Most fascinating is when a trend comes around again that we used to hate, yet now we love it! Moods, place on the timeline, exposure- they all play a part in affecting what we decide to love and for these reasons, we should pick from the offering and hold onto it forever, layering our choices to create the unique interior style that defines who we are.

So without much more to say, we have profiled (3) of the trends- ahem, "inspirations"- that we particularly love for 2018. We'll add a few more over the next few weeks and will be so happy to see and hear how you and our Design Gurus use these into the future.


The  trend color of 2018 is one we have always loved, though it has traditionally been hard sell. It is spiritual, beautiful, and goes beautifully with the muted grays and neutrals of the industrial craze. 

                              Architectural Digest

                          Antique Kilim

                            Amethyst Glass

                           The Decorista


Surprisingly, this metal finish, along with brass has returned and even Donald Trump's garish over-use of it couldn't  destroy our affection for the warmth and shine it gives. 

It looks especially beautiful with Violet and Blush Pink, and when paired with organic form, looks much more interesting and less formal. Just remember that a little goes a long way and that "discretion is the better part of valor"...

                    Classical Addiction


                        House Beautiful

                        Ferm Living Wall Covering

                         Engel & Volkers

Blush Pink:

Soft and lovely, this is the other big color trend for 2018. While kitchens, building, and walls are getting deep and dark, this delicate color works to lighten the feeling.

                         Digs Digs

                               Katherine George Art

                      The Decorista

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