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by Lisa van Eyssen

DISD, Design Institute of San Diego, is a professional education program focused on pushing the perimeters of design study to develop new designers with a ‘progressive state of mind’. The blog created and curated by Rick Hess and Mae Case, connects professionals and novices to a rich source of information in a super readable, easy to navigate website, inviting readers to explore the many aspects of design and innovation.

There are 7 categories in all: DISD Faves, Guest’s Corner, Hotspot, Innovative Design, Interior Design Degree, Landscape Design and Sustainability. All the posts open to large format images that connect the reader to the key element of success in this blog…the balance between creativity and function. Design junkies will find they can dive into an educational platform along while engaging in the ‘how to’ of juggling the needs of clients and with the restrictions of space.

Some particular favorites on the DISD blog site ~

Residence for an art collector designed by Lee Ledbetter and Associates

Interior Design: The Home of an Art Collector: This section pinpoints the important aspects of the designer’s job when working for a client with a major art collector. There are strong variations of the style of spaces along with a detailed summary of each design firm’s game plan in dealing with the collector and the primary objective.

The Guest Spots section is a terrific place to bring in experts, in this case DISD librarian Lisa Schattman, who can impart information on what designers will need in order to conceptualize a project. 

The Innovative Design section offers a window into the most compelling projects that designers are working on around the globe.  

Apartment designed by LCGA Design

The blog even ventures into the unknown with a look at trends to come in Hotspot, predicting how design will morph and evolve in the coming year. 

In the section, Computer Software Enhancements, the blog makes sure to keep readers up to speed in terms of software and computer element innovations that will benefit both the professional and student designer. There is a real eye toward helping readers professionalize their work and expand their resources.

This multifaceted blog has a wealth of information and GDP is very excited to share the link with our readers.


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