Arte Veneziana: Murano Glass Furniture

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Today, we are taking a journey to Italy. We will rediscover the art of handmade creations, long traditions and pieces realized by craftspeople instead of industrial processes, looking at these ancient crafts through the lens of contemporaneity.

Few people know or can imagine how much work and passion are required to create a handmade object. It takes patience, accuracy, observation, attempts, errors and time. Making the best use thereof entails effort and commitment. All these elements constitute the value of handmade objects and this is the reason why a work of craftsmanship acquires a higher value than things obtained through serial industrial processes. 

Arte Veneziana addresses these issues with vibrancy and dynamism and combines art, creativity and craftsmanship with a careful technical design aiming at functionality. This company has been producing mirrors, furnishings and wooden pieces for three generations, coating them with skilfully crafted glass, which is manually cut, beveled and engraved. It all began from the realization of classic mirrors in Venetian 16th century style.

The turning point came with the third generation of the company, which, in response to the market needs, began to focus on tailored furniture. This was possible also thanks to the vast experience of the glassmaker team.


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