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By Donna Paul of Designer Previews

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Asia Week New York, March 9-18, 2017, is an otherworldly journey into the past. It’s also a reminder of what can happen when artists merge diverse elements of design that are both ancient and modern.

 I’m thinking of the beautiful ceramic work I saw at the Joan B. Mirviss Ltd. a few years ago, where the shapes of the vessels on view felt both primitive and modern, in equal measure.

Joan B. Mirviss, Ltd (New York, NY)

Suzuki Osamu (Kura)
Shino-glazed vessel
ca. 1985

This week an unprecedented 50 international galleries are presenting museum-quality exhibitions. This event is a collaboration of top-tier Asian art specialists, major auction houses, and world-renowned museums and Asian cultural institutions in the metropolitan New York area.  Asian art collectors from around the world attend, as well as important gallery owners  who come from afar to show during this most special week.

Most of the action takes place on the Upper East Side, and I must confess to have had my eyes opened. I’ve probably walked by many of these galleries hundreds of times. Never paying attention as I race about getting to business appointments. This time visiting the spaces, viewing the work, and meeting the dealers, I felt (seriously!) a sense of enlightenment. In many senses of the word. It's due to the intimacy that Asia Week offers; where one is welcomed in smaller galleries, and the focus is on a range of exquisite items. Some that are centuries old, to those of contemporary artists. Even a Roy Lichtenstein! 

China 2000 Fine Art (New York, NY)

Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997)
Landscape with Poet
16-color Lithograph and Screenprint in 19 runs
Edition: 60 plus 12 AP plus 6 SP

I urge you to head out to as many galleries as possible and hopefully enlightenment will follow you too.

Here are a few favorites:

Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints (Burbank, CA)

Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858)

Francesca Galloway (London, United Kingdom)

Vishnu’s feet as objects of worship

Kangra, c. 1810-20

Opaque pigments with gold on paper
Folio 19.8 x 14.1 cm; Painting 16.7 x 11 cm

Zetterquist Galleries (New York, NY)

Parrot Lamp
Ly Dynasty, 11th - 12th c. A.D., Vietnam
Length: 19.5 cm

pictured at top of article is :

Samina, Inc. London, UK

Jewelled Jade Cup
Mughal or Deccan, India
18th Century
Height: 5.9 cm
Top width: 3.6 cm

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