Belgian Pearls Of Elegance

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Photographed by Greet Lefévre

An elegant strand of Belgian pearls or pearls of wisdom…Belgian style?

Either way you can’t help but fall in love with this blog written and curated by Greet Léfevre, scion of the Léfevre family, a 125 year old custom-design firm which focuses on handcrafted wood paneling and interior design. Belgian Pearls is both bold and sophisticated, highlighting treasured Belgian designers and architects, as well as old world artisans.

Lefévre, a successful interior designer, creates contemporary spaces and interiors that are elegant and cultured with a glance to a glorious past.

From the beginning, her writing approach gives readers multi-layered stories about design as it connects to history and lineage, which gives her blog a depth you don’t often see.  Information is formatted in distinct columns that work seamlessly off each other. Raised in the world of interior design, and a high craft fourth generation of family cabinet makers, the construction of images, tips, and stories is well made and delivered.  

In her own interior work, Lefévre has an eye for what will make a home cozy yet retains an artistry and feeling of prosperity. She could teach a master class in mood boards and one could study her before and after photographs for hours, learning how to redefine and imagine spaces. 

Belgian Pearls travel posting adds an additional treat with a browse through Ibiza summer rentals revealing again Lefévre’s natural inclination toward architectural and historic gems. . With her own home a source of endless ideas she shares with her many Instagram followers, the reality is, Lefévre never really needs to travel too far to find inspiration and elegance.

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