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Photographed by Erik Putz

“The most interesting homes are ones that tell the story of the people that live there…” says Emma Reddington, the voice and vision behind the wildly successful blog, THE MARION HOUSE BOOK, one of the top 100+ design sites recommended by ReModelista, named a top 10 new blog by Shelter Pop, and featured in scores of design magazines and design blogs.  

An accomplished interior designer and stylist, Reddington serves as the style director of House & Home Magazine and home editor of Chatelaine.

From the start, the blog reveals Reddington’s talent for imparting emotional and personal posts along with a painter’s eye for color and placement, much as a Dutch masterwork captures life in still with simplicity and depth. She builds her surfaces with assured strokes and eclectic tones.

Photograph by Emma Reddington

(Marion House Book - Images via: Lost Weekend, Line Klein Studio, We Are Scout photo by Mike Baker, Heidi Hallingstad by Lousie Roe Copenhagen, Pomegranate Food Stories)

THE MARION HOUSE BOOK also records the constant evolution of Reddington’s own Victorian family home in Toronto, allowing the time lapse to give her the space for design tips and renovating wisdom. She is a master of the ‘found object' transforming what might be thrown away into something fresh and new, while guiding her readers on the best way to mix ‘high’ and ‘low’ pieces with sophistication.

Photograph by Kristin Sajaarda 

Photo by Emma Reddington

Photograph by Kristin Sajaarda

The blog has classic, clean lines, with an easy elegance on multiple topics connecting us to a wealth of information. THE MARION HOUSE BOOK encompasses whimsically named categories that invite the reader to click, depending on their mood: ‘in the night kitchen,’ ‘top of the heap,’ ‘Hello! Neighbor,’ ‘weekend create away,’ and my personal fave, ‘the Friday files.’  All of this adds up to a completely satisfying experience, giving us the chance to keep developing our creative 'wings.'

Photograph by Kristin Sajaarda

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