Christine Curry

Photographed by Christine Curry

Modern Farmhouse living is about recognizing beauty in the simplicity of a practical structure and how easily it fits in with our modern desire to simplify and reconnect with the value of a bygone lifestyle.

No one can capture that modern farmhouse lifestyle like designer Christine Curry in Sonoma, California.

Maybe it is because she is able to combine the old and new in a way that makes one immediately feel comfortable, yet transported.

From what appears to be a signature appraoch to contemporary fireplaces, to her embracing of the rough, natural textures of wood and stone combined with unabashadly glamourous crystal lighting, she creates environments that make people want to live in the Wine Country and never leave.

Having been fortunate enough to see her work in situ and how it adds to the esthetic grace of Sonoma, we hope someday to interview her and hear what informs her truly exquisite taste, rather than just observing it.

See a few examples of her work below and please be inspired by her gorgeous portfolio by clicking the link above. If you are one of the lucky few to have the opportunity to create a home in Sonoma, by all means try to talk her into being your designer!

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