Color Trends From Milan 2017

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Photographed by Elisabetta Rizzato

By Elisabetta Rizzatto, ITALIANBARK

Everybody noticed that this Milan Design Week 2017 was all about color.

Today, however, I’m doing a roundup of the interior color trends for 2018, starting from what I saw in Milan, of those new hues I think will be very cool for the upcoming months.

The big trend is to go more and more towards bright and strong shades. This return to color goes together with a return to the Eighties and its strong design and colour (…).

There was pink everywhere, as already noticed in Maison et Objet here, especially in the barbie-like pink, the “millennial pink“.

Primary colors come back, especially red, the yellow (yes the Minion one), the blue (the klein blue).

Then there are all the warm and earthy tones  I already talked about here, but becoming brighter: fromorange, a color I personally dislike but that I’ve seen a lot; burgundy red, that reminds me a bit of Pantone Marsala.

Loved the violet and dark turquoise match, which I have noticed several times: looks like we will see a lot of violet&purple in next times.

Lots of green as well, although the trend is to go from the dark and desaturated shades that we’ve seen a lot last year (remember here?) to more natural and vitaminic hues: there was no Pantone greenery in Milan, but new interesting shades of sage, celery and avocado greens.

Here, a few pictures, but to see them all and read the entire article (also in Italian!), please click here to visit my site.

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