Crosby Street Hotel, Ny

Photographed by The Crosby

We have found a new design obsession and feel terrible we didn't know about her before.

Kit Kemp is the object of our excitement and as co-owner and designer for Firmdale Hotels, she has opened up Pandora's box- we just want to see more and more!

The Crosby Street Hotel in New York is definitely the next place to stay. It is, in itself, worthy of being put on every interior design-lover's bucket list. The decor is an adventure and staying there for a week would be like taking a graduate course in whimsical gorgeousness!

Kemp's work is mind-blowing. She uses rampaging color and complete absence of it- both to great effect. Portraits and sculptures of fantasy dogs decorate the lobby and sitting areas and clustered, jewel-toned lamps dangle above the restaurant.

Each of the guestrooms and suites seems to be different, with charming, unhotel-like accessories, such as colorful, miniature cows, or blue and white Chinese jars.

Our favorite Suite is probably the Meadow, with its wild garden that grows out on the balcony and the hand-hewn coffee table in the sitting area. And the bathrooms are amazingly appointed with gray marble encassing the entire interior and pedestal sinks- no standard, predictable fixtures here, nor has there seem to have been any fallback decisions.

There is a rooftop kitchen garden where they grow food for the restaurant and an outdoor garden/lounge that is incredibly inviting.

There is a screening room and events lobby, with each of their meeting rooms so beckoning to creatives that we can only imagine the type of work that gets done there!

The total result feels unique, top-flight, and an event unto itself.

Please, please, please take a mini vacation and go through every visual the Crosby has provided and tell us if it struck you as being as fresh and fabulous as it did us.

Click the link above to enter the Crosby Hotel, New York, NY.

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