Photographed by Jacques Lebar

Flodeau, the eloquent French blogger with a great eye for the unusual, found and featured Hotel Crayon, a hotel in Paris.

Completely original, the 27 room hotel is the brainchild of artist Julie Gauthron.

You can stay in a pure violet room or be steeped in Cobalt blue.  Instead of a headboard, you might have an original nude, sketched into a reclining pose above your head.

There are rugs that look like color charts, and black and white drawings covering the walls that look like they are just aching for the guest to break out their own box of crayons.

Clusters of mirrors and lamps echo the mosaic compositions, large and small, that are peppered throughout the hotel.

The artist's creations appear like impromptu guests in and around your room- like the full-sized nude man, sketched on your guestroom door to greet you.

This place is a journey into the imagination of Julie Gauthron and we are so happy that Flodeau featured it.

We included a few images of the hotel below, but please click over to Flodeau to see the rest.

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