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Photographed by Siham Mazouz- French by Design

A talented photographer, designer, and writer, Siham Mazouz is the best of the best. Exactly the kind of blog that we search for and celebrate.

Fresh from a trip to Marrakech, she took absolutely amazing pictures of her trip to share.

There is really no need to read anything more that we have to say, rather, go straight to her blog to see why we are so enamored of her style, but if you need a little more intro, check out a few of her evocative photos from Morocco, below.

Oh! and please note that she has a book coming out on modern French style- one that we can't wait to read!

The world looks so chic through her eyes. 

First, the book (then we will let you peek at her images):

                                               Available through Amazon Pre-Order

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