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Beautiful design because of Feng Shui and the mindfulness it instills.
Amanda Gates is a designer and blogger who has embraced and elevated the Eastern practice both in her projects and blog; to educate us in creating beauty and well-being in our environments.
On her way to Medical school, she took a turn to the right side of her brain and hasn’t looked back! Applying her obvious smarts and commitment to making life better, she established a successful interior design studio in Brentwood, Tennessee (a beautiful suburb of Nashville, the music capital of the United States).

The entire blog is about balance, health and environmental beauty, and she gives us everything we could hope for- inspiration, “before and afters”, wisdom, and information. It is one of the most well-rounded and entertaining sites we’ve seen! We loved everything about her blog, from the compelling format she uses with multiple visuals; each neatly arranged with a truly informative, eye-catching article, to the obvious energy she has for the subject matter. You will want to see every bit and when you do, you will come away with the unique perspective of a creative who is  passionate about design, sustainability, and feng shui.

When this prolific designer was asked how she got started with her eponymous blog, she replied, “I started in 2008 when I was very ill with bronchitis, of all things! I was bored and had a laptop, so it seemed a logical thing to do. At that point I thought blogging would be just for fun but it has morphed into a true passion.”
She now loves  writing and the impact her words have on both her followers and her design business.

Amanda observes that the internet has been creating a more global, “homogenized” look. Feeling that it causes safer design and less originality, she stretches to create interiors that “have a killer cool vibe, takes the clients’ home beyond their wildest dreams, and gives them the “wow” factor they could never achieve on their own!  She always wants their spaces to “feel as good as they look. That’s good design, that’s good feng shui”.

A statement like that is intriguing-  what is Feng Shui and how does it work? The dictionary states it is “the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, as in arranging furniture or determining the siting of a house.”  Amanda describes it as “a positive, holistic way to increase productivity, improve health and elevate our Chi energy.” Note: It doesn’t have to do with making a room stylistically Chinese, rather it utilizes the ancient practice to create beauty through balance, no matter the cultural or design vernacular.

Amanda is truly a thought leader in the area of contemporary Western design utilizing feng shui. She has delight in color, and copious amounts of energy and her blog is worth tabbing for continuous its ingenuity and information. She shares and uplifts with her extensive knowledge in a very personal way, so take advantage of it- your passion for design is sure to be ignited!

Here are three of our favorite blog posts from her blog (click on the links below) that really give a flavor of what feng shui is about.  And be sure to look around her entire site- her installations are wonderful and her advice invaluable!

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