The Healing Power Of Creativity And Art

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In 2012, Kim Lewis Designs partnered with nonprofits, Touch a Life and Connor's Song, to design and build a therapeutic art center in Ghana, West Africa.  Touch a Life, along with their partners in Ghana has rescued over 90 trafficked children off Lake Volta and operates a long term care center for kids in Ghana.  Connor's Song was founded in honor of a little boy who tragically passed at the age of 12.  His love of Legos inspired the art center's design to be 3 building blocks - using repurposed drainage pipes.

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Connor Creative Art Center in Ghana - Touch a Life

Touch a Life and Kim are on a mission to build more art centers to heal, restore and give dignity to exploited children in Cambodia as well. Selah Art Center is located in a house boat at the Rapha House facility in Battambang, Cambodia. Rapha House staff and volunteers are instrumental in the fight to end human trafficking and exploitation.   Another Art Center, called Lilly's Art Center is also in Cambodia.

Kim's inspiration for the design/theme for this floating art center is the Lotus flower.  "The lotus flower represents purity, faithfulness, and vitality,  Vitality is the ability to live, grow and develop... the power to endure and survive.  Growing in muddy waters, the lotus roots can go up to 4 fee deep.  The deeper the waters get, the deeper the roots go down to survive.  Yet, all we see on the surface is this delicate, beautiful flower."  Kim continues, "I suggested the lotus as our theme for the boat because the girls at Rapha House have persevered through adversity, yet they radiate with pure beauty,"

See more and learn more about these Art Centers for Healing.  There are many ways you can help - but consider starting today by a donation to help sustain these amazing Centers:



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