Italian "Soft Design"

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Today I'd like to talk about an Italian story.

As an interior designer I am tied to the Italian tradition and its handicraft which is recognized all over the world.

For this reason, for my projects, I select Italian companies that respect these principles of the100% made in Italy trademark. Selecting high quality materials with an artisan craftsmanship, with ecological and sustainable choices. 

To talk about an Italian company that follows these principles, I will begin by discussing a project of which I was involved in. 

A few months ago, I realized an interior design concept for the headquarters’ offices of an investment company in Miami.

As all of you know, Miami is a seaport city, a bustling, energetic and vibrant place. For these reasons the project maintained an international style: elegant, minimal and functional.

Artwork and furniture are the key elements that characterize the minimal spaces, giving a touch of style, and Midj was the perfect brand for this project (besides being one of my favourites) as their style and philosophy are behind their creations.

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