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This blog is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Its energetic, delightful tone is reflective of its creator, Elisabetta Rizatto! and the sheer volume of useful content is staggering- all wrapped in one of the most beautiful graphics we have seen on any site! We particularly love the breathtaking graphics and obvious professionalism that pervades.

Come learn about ITALIANBARK !

With an astonishing background that includes a degree in Architecture (Venice), a Master’s degree in Interior Design (London), the Erasmus program (Paris), and travel to Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan, she holds an artist’s eye on the world of design, with a wonderful, playful sense of humor. We asked the story of her unusual blog name (weren’t you all a bit curious, too?!) and she explained that she wanted it to be fun. She suddenly thought about her small, disobedient, mixed-breed dog who barks at everyone, but is really hilarious. She saw him as a mascot for a blog where she could loudly talk (bark) about all things “design” while saying “let's have fun”!

As an architecture student in Venice, Italy, she already had a website for online design consulting (way ahead of the times!) and found her files bursting at the seams. She decided it was better to share all the fascinating links and clippings that she loved than to keep them hidden away and ITALIANBARK was born!!
She exudes an excitement for her vivid blog and it springs from a combination of passion, education, and a pattern of being ahead of the curve. To quote Elisabetta, “Blogging is the best way to keep together all those things I love doing; such as photography, traveling, graphic and interior design.” “I also have a very nerdy side and love all things about geek and tech- the blog design is entirely done by myself,” she adds.

Her quintessentially Italian design site is one of few, which is surprising for a country so rich and deeply aware of design and architecture. It truly, deeply connects us to a part of the current Italian design world and Elisabetta specifically aims to speak to foreign readers, to inspire and inform.  When asked what the cultural importance of Interior Design was in her region, she answered thoughtfully. “Italy is known everywhere for its design and its style. Everybody says we have a special eye for beautiful things and I think this is true. Common taste on interiors and design is good but here in my country, there is somehow an ignoring of this sense and, surprisingly, people really do not invest a lot of money on interiors or interior consulting. I know we really have a high potential on this”, she said.

Italy is the benchmark for enviable fashion, food, industrial design, and purely gorgeous settings- perhaps living with such beauty over centuries has led to both constant, gentle inspiration as well as the confidence of knowing that it sits firmly in the position of inspiring the world!
She notes that Scandinavian design is a leading trend for cultural collaboration in Italy, and that staying rooted in one’s own culture while incorporating inspiration and influences from abroad is what enriches the results, makes them unique.

For a person as immersed in her passion as Elisabetta is, merely having a full-time career as an self-employed architect, designer, and influential blogger isn’t quite enough! She is also launching her own interior and design studio for this Autumn, and providing the graphic design as part of a collaborative of Italian design bloggers ( click here to see ).

Everyone has a slightly different reason for dedicating the considerable time it takes to blog, and Elisabetta’s is so pure- she loves her profession and wants to be involved in every way. Her ambitions include even more commissions for her beautiful work, spotting talents and trends, ongoing travel, collaboration, and online branding. Even her travel is focused on interiors and lifestyles!
There is real purpose to her work and it is joyful! “Loving and sharing beauty is something that improves our lives. Usually, if you love beautiful things you also tend to respect things, and to love and respect nature- as that is the first beautiful thing we have!” She continues, “The diversity between people, cultures, styles always inspires me. There is always something to learn from someone who is different from you; probably more than from another who is very similar to you. And in general, positive and happy people inspire me a lot. I believe that surrounding oneself with good people is so very important when you do a creative job!”

Indulge in some really good vibes and click here to meet her on this captivating blog. Her enthusiasm jumps right off the pages and we guarantee hers is a blog you will want to tab to revisit again and again!

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