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Photographed by Karolina Grabowska @kaboompics

Interiors Design has a dual approach to style and design, with both a modern and old world feel to the blog which never misses a beat in expression and exploration. The guiding edict for its founder, Ula Michalak, is to “Create a Beautiful World.” There is no doubt she has done just that with Interiors Design.

Photograph by Kaboompics

Michalak, a Polish stylist and blogger of interiors and trending products, discovers a richness on many platforms, writing about them either through her events, her videos or her many blog posts. Interiors Design is the jumping-off-point for Michalak’s point of view, reminiscent of a romantic eastern European novel, resplendent with luxury textures, rich color and glamorous lighting.

Photograph by Kaboompics

At her core, Michalak is a creation junkie, she’s a maker of beautiful spaces with glimmers of stylish juxtapositions. A strong eye for product leads her passion when creating a space or styling a location for her many photographic shoots.  

Photograph and Styling by Ula Michalak for Barlinek Flooring

You can feel the inspiration in the blog coming from the flow of a skirt at a fashion event, the rim of a 19th century floral porcelain tea cup or the light falling across Michalak's treasured home kitchen. 

Photograph by Ula Michalak for Interiors Design Instagram

Photograph by Ula Michalak, Ćmielów i Chodzież SA @Manufaktura

Michalak has also founded MEETBLOGIN at the Lodz Design Festival, a national convention of interior designers, bloggers and magazine editors, which places her at the center of a growing international movement serving to connect designers and bloggers through shared love of art, architecture and design.

Interiors Design offers a generous amount of archival information on interiors and design linking saturated product markets to the not yet fully tapped potential of the Easter European arena. Michalak is drawn to dramatic interiors operating on multiple levels from the lighting and accessories to the use of vibrant color. 

Photograph by Ula Michalak, Tom Dixon Studio 

Photograph by Ula Michalak

Photograph by Kaboompics

Michalak's stylist sense even shows up in the nail polish colors popping out of her photographs as she blogs on the computer or picks up one of her young children. In the end, home for this 21st century woman is always where her heart lies, “I am happy as a working woman and as a mother. I cannot imagine my life without work, dealing only with home and children. But it is children, family and home that give me the most inspiration and motivation for further action. I am really lucky because my job is my passion.”

We are very lucky to have her following her passion. 

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