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Photographed by Emily O'Brien

Kim Macumber is a very talented, truly delightful designer who takes the time to blog. Really blog. 

She knows the value of posting her work and giving voice to it; pointing out the details and intentions to give it even more life (as though that were possible!) than the lively images.

This month, in honor of Valentine's Day, she featured RED- the color of love. What you will notice in her work (and we focused on her Peckham Hill installation) is that she uses red lavishly and without fear. Red lacquered walls! Red and cream toile! Gorgeous, right? But what really makes it amazing is the lavender accents, explosive, sunburst objets, and contemporary art. It feels like how a very stylish person from another era would decorate, if they were suddenly relocated into 21st Century New England.

Scroll further down and it just keeps getting better! Tangerine leather to upholster a bergere Chair, with a bold, black and white greek key pattern trimming a floral print linen. All amazingly beautiful, but go farther-  hop around in her portfolio and you will see quiet, restrained color, soothingly applied (albeit with some pretty edgy artwork- check it out for yourselves!)

So this started out as a profile of a blogger, but ended up being one of an exciting designer who, we are happy to say, is part of the Global Design Post Design Circle's Inner Circle (quite the mouthful!). 

 What is the Design Circle, you ask? Well, over the next couple of months, you will be hearing more and more about it, but trust us when we say that if you are lucky enough to know an Inner Circle member, reach out to them, because they have some wonderful things up their sleeves (as do we...)! 

While you wait, check out an array of images from Kim's site, then click here to see it all.

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