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We love peeking into other cultures, being awe-struck by the many different approaches of the multiple talents the world has to offer. Getting a sense of the differences and commonalities between and amognst our cultures is always an excercise in inspiration and is one of the few ways to feel like one "knows" a place.

Our reasons for choosing this and the other 24 blogs was that each gave us a feeling or a flavor for the esthetic of their region, as well as being able to communicate it eloquently. You will see that they are as vastly different from one another as are their design scenes.

Our first profile takes us to Moscow, through the beautiful blog, L’Essenziale , by Anna Kovalchenko.

Who amongst us wouldn’t want to see into a sleek apartment in Historic Moscow? Or read practiceable tips from a well-traveled designer who works on commissions in Russia and Greece? Or hear the perspective of a contributor to Architectural Design Russia?! Anna is all of these...

A proponent of simplicity, Anna’s blog is very polished and purposeful. We wondered what drew her, as an interior designer, to blogging. “I started to blog, when I was still studying in the design school - for me it was a place where I shared my progress over the course of my studies, as well as being my daily dose of inspiration”, she says. “When I started blogging, I noticed very little information about interior design processes and studies, in particular. Like, for example, ‘how to make a concept for a project’ or ‘how to make a sample board for a project’ - so I decided to share with others what I already learned and thought it would be great if others can benefit from these articles.”
She also wanted to create her own community of like-minded people that went beyond region.

Well researched, she uses the opportunity each article presents to deepen her interior design knowledge and gain a peek into what other designers are doing.

Interestingly, Anna gave us some intimate, fascinating insight as to what the design scene in Russia is like. Describing it as a relatively new field, she explained that “Russian style” is a burgeoning concept, due to the newfound availability of goods, post 1990. Prior to that date, most people tended to have “typical flats” and similar, difficult to acquire furniture. It sounds like there is a pent-up excitement for design that is being fulfilled through an abundance of talent and amazing projects, which is always a recipe for creativity!

Anna believes that Russia has a more global style, and that easy access to the information via the internet has created this. “The local cultural trends do still exist, she says, “but it is more of a heritage from the past - today designers are searching for the inspiration in traditional arts and crafts and they incorporate them into modern design in various ways.”
Given the historical richness of the Russian culture and its decorative arts, Russia will be the place to watch as it develops its place amongst the modern design leaders. This will be extraordinary to see unfold!

L’Essenziale is only one important part of what keeps this Moscow-based interior designer so very busy- she has written two books (which we are looking forward to reading!) and she wants to reach out beyond Russia to share her vision and style with an international community. Schooled in London and having lived in the Maldives and Seychelles, along with living in different parts of Russia, she is one to watch. As she applies her love for Scandinavian and Mid-Century design in practice, she will delightfully and generously take us on the beautiful design journey that Russia promises to be in the coming years.

“Great design simply makes this world more beautiful and life easier and more enjoyable.”- A simple philosophy from a generous talent.
Please click over to L’Essenziale and make it one of your regular indulgences. You will come away informed and enlightened.

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