Passionate Pespective In Hong Kong

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Photographed by JJ Acuna

The Wanderlister+. A Global Design Post Top 25 Interior Design Blog that is So. Much. More!

Looking through JJ Acuna's rich, smart, carefully-crafted blog, the Wanderlister+, is like being taken around Hong Kong by a tour guide who has found you only the best- tantalizing you with visuals and entertaining you with in-depth knowledge.

This is a blog for the student and the connoisseur.

His delight in his career is palpable, as he covers his profession and his adopted city.

An intellectual blog with real substance, Acuna dishes up enough to give us real insight into the current design scene in today's Hong Kong. Through personal observation, learned commentary, and a practitioner's eye, he displays photographs of art shows, installations, and products as well as interviews with the luminaries who are shaping Hong Kong. 

His interview with Paola Navone was fantastic and his access to her was enviable, but that is just a smidgeon of invaluable content that he has on the site!

Please enjoy this incredible, Top 25 blog by clicking here.

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