Presenting..."The Befores"!

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Photographed by Eric Roth

Nothing- and I mean nothing - is as exciting to a designer as an empty room. If that room is steeped in history, with triple-hung windows and sprung archways (for example), then the excitement is exponential. Just looking at these photos makes us tingle with anticipation as to how they will look completed!

Imagine you are one of the lucky, talented designers who was chosen to transform a room or area in the Nathaniel Allen House, for the Junior League of Boston 2016 Showhouse ! What would you do? Do rooms like this speak to you? Would you approach them to be historical and traditional, or eclectic and modern?

The millions of collective hours spent watching any form of "before and after" television show, are testament to the thrill of waiting for the "reveal"  and the GDP will present that to you in just a few days! In the mean time, let your imagination run wild. So many mantles and windows and nooks to be beautified!

We can't wait to see how each designer metamorphisizes their space... Best of luck to all!

Photographers Eric Roth and Robert Four have each photographed the home to show the unvarnished starting points (see below).

First (5) Images compliments of Eric Roth:

Next (5) images compliments of Robert Four:

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