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Photographed by Stacey Bewkes

Refined and professional are the two words that keep coming to mind when reveling in Stacey Bewkes' incomparable blog, Quintessence.

If you crave smart, original content and an aesthete's honed eye, then this blog is a "must" in your bookmarks.

Stacey has poured years of her rich experience into creating and maintaining one of the single-most satisfying experiences we have had on the Web.

Beginning as a child from an artistic household that placed an emphasis on academics, she set out to be an architect, pivoting to become an art director for the renowned publishing house, Simon and Schuster. "I would read each manuscript, determining how to translate ideas and moods to imagery and appropriate artistic style, selecting artists and designers and commissioning original artwork." It is this kind intellectual approach that so strongly differentiates Stacey's work from the rest of the blogosphere..

Her blog is a way to "combine her passion for all aspects of design with writing, history, research, photography and now videography" and wants her original content- even most of the photographs are hers!- to convey a polished professionalism. She even declined to put her name on the blog for almost two years after its inception, to be sure it lived up to her own, very high standards!

Noting the widespread interest and availability of interior design inspiration, DIY  hacks, and high-end, professional design, she chose to dwell in the more professional end of things.

In describing her own style, Stacey says, "I favor any design done well but would say I am not a minimalist. I like comfortable, livable, layered, sophisticated spaces that express the lives and interests of the owners. I am less interested in trends than in excellence. My most “unfavorite” designs are those done by amateurs who think they need no training or experience to be a designer. Of course there are the exceptions - those naturally gifted - but they are VERY few and far between. Like most design aficionados, I love to travel and absorb all the lifestyles and visual clues of other cultures. The more you educate your eye, from travel, books, magazines, museums, galleries, auction houses etc, the easier it is to learn scale and proportion, realize the relationships between styles and what does and doesn’t work. Learning from the masters, whether 17th or 21st century, is an essential lesson in good design. My design philosophy is of course to live with what you love but to learn how to assimilate your purchases or collections into a cohesive design. Easier said than done and why we have professionals". In an era when everyone thinks they can do anything- this is a keen insight from a consumate professional and further underscores why her own work is so outstanding.

Another differentiator that clearly comes through is the fact that Quintessence is a full time endeavor. She spends her days catching up online, on social media, attending events, researching, photo editing and then writing more in the evenings. Weekends provide the large blocks of time required for her video editing.
Excitingly, she is currently collaborating on a book, "Dogs and Their Designers" (Rizzoli Books) with her video partner, Susanna Salk, to be released in the Fall of 2017. Stacey is the principal photographer and Susanna is the author. Look for it, as it is sure to be delightful!

 "I am inspired by people who are original, creative and curious - who are smart, work hard and respect quality." 

We are, too, and Stacey Bewkes' incredible blog, Quintessence, is truly inspiring!

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