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Sarah Akwisombe is totally original, Cheeky, fearless and vibrant, her sense of design is powerful.

On her U.K. blog, she shares boundless tips and challenges you to step up the creativity and never settle for meh.

What is also so striking about her blog is that she give fantastic design career advice. She has a forceful enthusiasm that gets the reader to think, "Yes! I can do that!" 

She has gone so far, so fast and all on the steam of her infectious talent. She has extremely worthwhile input on how to be a successful designer and a blogger. Well worth reading every bit.

There is no way to capture her tone and style better than she conveys it on her site, so here is her introduction in her own words:

"Hey! I'm Sarah, and I'm a double award winning blogger and interior stylist. That's me on the left, with my hubby Jason and daughter Marley. She's named after Bob Marley, because me and my husband love him so. When we bought our first flat a couple of years ago my passion for interiors reached dizzy heights and I became obsessed. After getting fired from my boring office job I decided to follow my gut, take the plunge and try and get into interiors. 

Since then I've been lucky enough to assist some of the best stylists in the industry and work for some of the UK's biggest homewards brands, like M&S, Dwell, BHS, Paint by Conran and DFS. I've also had huge brands find my blog and want to work with me. Which is pretty damn awesome when a year ago I was working long hours in a pressured and stressful job. Sometimes I literally can't believe that this is what I do now. I also get to spend more time at home with my daughter who keeps me on my toes with constant demands and cuddles!

My love for interior design has always been strong, I just didn't really realise it. When I was about 5 I remember laying out my room in a different way after seeing a good layout in a kids book. At 12, I drew out what I wanted my new bedroom to look like and then 'pitched' it to my parents (they went for it).

When I was older I was desperate to have a space to call my own so that I could start making it into a beautiful and cool space. Around the same time, something switched on inside me and I became OBSESSED with antiques. Don't ask me where it came from - my parents were never into them, and as a kid I hated stuff like that, but I got bitten by the antiques bug. I think it's something to do with the nostalgia for a past time. Something about the past always seems so perfect...

Things got really good when my husband and I became first time buyers and bought our first family home shortly after having our daughter. That was about a year ago. It's a fabulous Art Deco flat, but it had been unloved and badly kept. It needed a total cosmetic makeover. We started renovating it and as each thing got finished I kept getting people tell me that I had a knack for great interior design and finding antique and vintage objects to style my home. I started getting people ask me to buy furniture for them. Then I realised that this was getting serious! So I left the day job, and I'm now studying an interior design diploma in order to be industry qualified, working as much as possible as a freelance interior styling assistant and hope to be a stylist one day. I'm loving every day in my interior design journey! You can read about how I find time to fit all of this in PLUS be a mummy here."

Click here to see her entire site- it is sooo worth it!

It will no doubt become one of your most used sources of design inspiration and energy!

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