The Selby

Photographed by Todd Selby

The brilliance of The Selby hits you between the eyes, the moment you see it.

Artistic, authentic and deeply inspiring, Todd Selby, a photographer and illustrator, photographs the most creative people in the world, in their home environments.

These are not necessarily people who have focussed on interior design, rather they live their art. To see the use of color when completely unconstrained by trend, or to see how an artist lovingly chooses the objects that accompany them through life is creatively freeing. These interiors speak so clearly of their inhabitants and encourage us to appreciate unpredictability in the pursuit of beauty.

The Selby is intimate, exciting. You feel priveleged to be allowed to glimpse the sanctuaries of the truly unique.

Give yourself a treat and lose yourself in this site for a spell. You will be overwhelmed by Selby's talent and the vision of his subjects!

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