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Mona Liz has a blog called Interiorholic and it is addictive.

Filled with interesting, useful ideas, all curated by her gorgeous eye, it is a source to return to over and over.

Every time you visit, there is something incredible to see!

Here, she curates a series of watercolored walls. Swirls of soft color make the walls themselves the modern art. If you are confident in your artistry, this would be a gorgeous, inexpensive addition to immediately enliven an otherwise ordinary space.

As you can see, it works with any palette, any amount of coverage. The key is to be bold and believe in the beauty of the wash of color you are placing on the walls.

(We also would not want to overlook the beautiful table settings in some of these pictures. They look like they are for a dinner party in an artist's studio).

See some of the images below, but be sure to click on the link above to see Mona Liz's collection of ideas.

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