Venetian Luxury Interiors

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CA’ LEZZE, or Palazzo da Lezze , is an outstanding property facing Grand Canal.

It was built before America was discovered. The architectural pattern follows the typical features of Gothic style of the first half of the 15th century. The palace is slightly set back with respect to the bank and it is preceded by a narrow garden. The most remarkable elements of the façade are the openings on the piano nobile: one triple lancet window with projecting balcony and five single-lancet windows. The top of the building is provided with a dormer.

The interiors are really unique even for this unique city,

since they are characterized by frescos with exotic subject, showing palms and Eastern figures.

The Eastern subject appears in some pieces of furniture too, such as the lantern-shaped light.

On the ceiling of original wood, exposed beams are framed by classical moulding.

The distinguishing feature of this palace is greenery: its access goes through a lush garden, which is a precious quality in Venice.


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