What You Really, Really Want (And Need To Have!)!

By via getinmyhome.com

"There’s just something about interiors that I can’t get enough of..."- Emily Osmond

With a designer's eye and a marketer's foresight, Emily Osmond find the best- and we mean the best!- products and interiors in Australia.

Energetic and bright, her site is a feast of the coolest, hippest, most drool-worthy products that she has discovered, along with interviews with the creators, sources (so you can get your own hot little hands on them) and boundless photos of interiors you will want to slip right into.

GETINHOME will have you saying, "I want that" about a hundred times- promise!  Personally, we want them all. She has the keenest eye.

So if you would like to see gorgeous Australian style served up in a most delightful way, click over and spend a while on this award-winning blog.

In case you would like an appetizer, see below: (all sources of product and attribution can be found on Emily's site).

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