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One thing I know- every true design junkie loves a beautiful interior design book with a fervor that can only be matched by finding the perfect item for a room.

Being the ultimate, design-passionate, style-loving person that I am, you can imagine how my heart skipped a beat and my fingers tingled when I received my copy of the Beekman Boy's new book, Beekman 1802 Style! It literally made my weekend and I have pored over each gorgeous room and every tiny word.

The premise of this stylish tome is that "opposites attract" and the contradictions that arise from this are a catalyst for truly unique, sophisticated style.

This is pitch-perfect for today's couples, many of whom have met after having started careers or experimented with defining their own styles, but it is also the key to letting a lifetime of choices build a distinctive style unique to you.

In their section, "Old Meets New", they expertly demonstrate how to make the familiar fresh with compostion, arrangement, and color. Choose form as your guide, or color, or composition to make a modern statement with vintage materials. By choosing an image with a Noguchi paper lantern hanging above a 1930's dining table, surrounded by chairs that are "matched" by the contrast they provide, they show us the result of trusting in what we love.

In "Black Meets White", they show the timeless modernity of graphic contrasts and how beautifully form with pops of color are accentuated with this approach.

"Up Meets Down" encourages us to figuratively stand on our heads to creatively design the spaces we often ignore- stripe a ceiling, use unconventional, inexpensive materials to create an unexpected effect, or raise the eye up the side of a staircase with art adorning the outsides of the treads.

These are just a few examples- there are many more sections, each with keen observations and ideas that will make your creative juices flow and, most importantly, see the value of what you may have already collected.

By reading this book cover to cover, then back again for more, we receive the key to creating the very best "modern" interior- that elusive, eclectic, fabulous look that we all covet and will now know how to achieve!

Beekman 1802 Style is everything a design book should be. It is an escape, a guidebook, and an inspiration.

Click on the link above to purchase it and please see the Beekman 1802 shop in our Bazaar section that contains some of our curated favorites from their site (though it was hard to resist the temptation to simply choose everything!)

Happy reading!


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