Casa Claudia

Photographed by Divulgaçåo

To reinforce that Design (or the arts, in general) is the universal language, journey to this Brazilian publication.

Casa Claudia, the gorgeous home/style magazine from Bazil, has highlighted what they call the "Bangalos de Sonho" in the Maldives.

It is an exquisite reward for the weary traveler, done in high, modern style that is still completely and culturally contextual.

We are drawn to this publication over and over for their choices of interiors and while this article is about a hotel; the fact that these are individual bungalows gives direct relevence to residential design.

Imagine having a low, outdoor dining table with wide cushions to enjoy a warm evening, or opening up an entire wall in your house with glass.

Design is becoming more and more universal, but it is always delightful to see how different cultures answer the same design question.

Click on the link above to see this and many other woderful articles at Casa Claudia.

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