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"CASA TALLER GALERÍA ~Luisa Freixas says that her universe is balanced on a tripod that constitutes it and expresses it as an artist, mother and woman. A visit to her apartment that is a visit to his work. High ceilings, moldings, wooden floors ... the French buildings move Luisa Freixas and her husband Fernando Mantilla. That's why discovering this apartment in front of the Vicente López square left no doubt. They already lived in the neighborhood but this apartment, which is much higher, revealed other views and possibilities: "The light it has is impressive" -says Luisa- "I used to live on the first floor and I did not realize how necessary it was It is the light in my life. Seeing the square also attracted me a lot, because we lived it a lot. Looking at it from above I like it, I feel it is mine. " Read more ...

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