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Photographed by Simon Upton

Now we get to see a glimpse of Jean-Louis Deniot's own home in Paris, France.

Unerringly elegant, your eye will roam the rooms, finding one take-way after the other!

Though this particular article at Elle Decor is light on images (we included more down below), the text is really worth the read- if how a designer approaches a project is as fascinating to you as it is to us.

He starts with a vision and, like all truly creative people, receives new events and ideas to shape and sometimes change it.

Amongst the many things we find striking in his work is his use of strong, unusual paintings, items of personal beauty arranged in unique  tableaux, and an incredibly restrained palette that barely rises above a whisper, so as to not drowned out the strength of the pieces.

All this is on dispaly in his own space.

Please click the link above to see a bit of his apartment and read about how it came to be his home and see a few more images from his home below:

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