Harvest @ Bellagio, Las Vegas

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Photographed by Gensler & Associates | Lisa van Eyssen

By Lisa Van Eyssen

Las Vegas doesn't naturally come to mind when you are on the look out for a farm-to-table experience. It also isn't where I would immediately think to find a restaurant with intimacy and quiet reserve. Yet HARVEST, a new offering from chef Roy Ellamar for the Bellagio Hotel, is a welcome oasis in this glitz driven desert, and architects Gensler & Associates have created a singular environment for Ellamar's excellent cuisine.  Gensler’s design centers on three elements: social interaction, craft and comfort. 

The restaurant itself offers an open lounge and craft bar area, intersecting with the causeways of the hotel,  but never leaves you feeling as though you are consumed by the crowds walking by.

The space is divided into multiple areas, some glassed and overlooking the kitchen, which is housed like a living atrium, surrounded on all sides by the tables and bar area. 

Then there are the areas cocooned deeper inside the restaurant, which give the diner an intimate experience without feeling isolated.

Texture abounds throughout HARVEST, with steel and glass circling in and around the unpolished and polished stone. It would seem all these materials might begin to clash with one another, but in this space, the designers balance strong surfaces with a free-flow feeling. Add the beautifully crafted dishes and wine list, and you have the makings of a superb HARVEST experience.

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