In The Beginning, There Were Trends

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by Lisa van Eyssen

If you do a search on the net, typing in the phrase, “2018, the year of…” it will yield many different ideas about what this year means. According to some deeper consciousness sites, it means The Butterfly, or Year of Transformation. In Chinese astrology, 2018 is the Year of the Dog, a time of optimism and fortune ahead. For design junkies and interior designers, 2018 is offering an exciting cocktail of transcendental design ideas. The year ahead is ablaze with bold colors, adaptable interiors and plenty of historic trends harkening to the heyday of the 1970s and 80s, all offering motifs that capture our new modern sophistication.

Here are some GDP “faves of the favorites” for the coming year:


Freshome focuses on the new industrial look made user friendly in the home. Darker finishes, brass and mixed metals, set off by fertile color that feels at once homey without being twee.  Add to this a new interest in the wide plank wood flooring and you have a sense of the past mixed with charm but without a mass produced look.

Brio Interior Design

Grant Architecture and Interiors

Case in point, the television production design team setting a trend on shows like Nigella Lawson’s “At My Table”, filmed entirely in a studio with a kitchen I just want to die in, literally. As long as I have a great view of that insane copper backsplash and deep blue cabinets, I’ll be happy. I’d say my idea of heaven.

Nigella Lawson, At My Table

Trending too is the  ‘aspirational space’ concept. Of course, who wouldn’t get inspired in a cozy bathtub with pocket glass doors fully open onto tree groves, sky and the great unknown. I dare you.

De Meza + Architecture

But the added visage of images, textures and light brought together in a small room, on one wall, that can give us a moment of respite from our modern day stresses is definitely making its mark as well.

Maria Flanigan Interiors


I hate, can I repeat, I hate grouting. It looks good for 5 seconds then it gets dirty, dissolving away after time, letting all sorts of nasty things grow in and around it. The Spruce has found my salvation - a new trend toward large-format tile or even slab-sized porcelain sheets that is making me seriously happy. No more cleaning with a toothbrush to get the muck out. And they look great. 

Whitehall Interiors

Now start including the smart tech in your kitchen backsplash with hidden outlets and LED tape lights, and the seamless flow from living room to kitchen is assured.

Studio h Interiors

Moodier palettes paired with two-tone cabinetry will complete the look, adding real dimension and interest.

Karen Asprea

The Inspired Room (Pinterest)


The LA Times has pegged some great new trends and the variety is dizzying. Starting with “the bowl game,” where an object is all about art and functionality so that you don’t end up with a whole lot of chachkies cluttering your space (sentimental ones aside), for no other rhyme or reason.


Along with form and function, the vegan movement is influencing beyond what we eat to include the very materials that comprise our environments. Call it compassionate home sweet home.


A child's room that can invite all ages is making a splash this year with Millennial pink and intricate wall decor. 

Tessa Nestadt

Look forward to looking up this year, in happy anticipation of great things ahead and beyond. Statement ceilings are giving designers the ‘fifth wall’ they’ve been craving.

Chrystal Sinclair


Last week we tracked the newest color trends inspiring our imaginations. DWELL keeps us with the color incentives and we ask “What’s not to love when talking jewels?” Ruby reds, violet purples, cobalt blues and emerald greens that generate within any space a feeling of peace, and bold color that exudes a warmth and comfort but never just lays there.  2018 promises to be a year of seduction of palette, with the addition of textures like velvet interplaying in modern environments that become a welcoming and rich addition to any space.

David Robert Elliot

Benz Design

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