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Photographed by Gianni Franchellucci

"I met Anna Fendi in the 1970s with her legendary mother, Adele, and her sisters, Paola, Carla, Franca and Alda, with whom she created an empire. We have been friends ever since. In her new pied-à-terre ensconced in an elegant 1930 Roman building—with an archetypical romantic courtyard and a breathtaking view over the Eternal City—she receives us with the warmth and grace that distinguish her. In the home she renovated and decorated herself, one can feel her past, present and future as the queen of fashion, through the furniture designed or restored by her, the sketches by Karl Lagerfeld, and photographs of the many actresses she dressed for Oscar-winning movies. Even so, she shares an unexpected confession. “As a young girl with a passion for classical dance, I simply hated fashion,” Fendi says. “But realizing I had no alternative, and following my mother’s motto, ‘Be always as the fingers of one hand, different but absolutely complementary,’ I immersed myself in the fashion world with creativity, rigor, discipline and sacrifice in order to achieve our goals.” Read more ...

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