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Photographed by William Waldron

Jeff Turrentine brings the beauty of this modern farmhouse to life in his article, A MODERN AMERICAN FARMHOUSE RISES IN CONNECTICUT. "When he was developing the concept for the Usonian house—his vision of the organically designed, meticulously crafted home made affordable for the middle class—Frank Lloyd Wright distilled his aesthetic imperative into a memorable and oft-quoted exclamation: “Out of the ground, and into the light!” The basic idea, characteristically Wrightian, was to suggest that the built structure had emerged naturally from the soil, and was as much an outgrowth of the surrounding landscape as any rock formation or copse of trees.

Wright and his Usonian vision were both very much on the mind of the modern-day architect Gordon Kahn for a house commissioned for clients in the rural enclave of Washington, Connecticut, located about 80 miles north of New York City." To read more, click here ...

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