Photographed by Pablo Zuloaga

We featured him this week as one of our Spanish "Designer Highlights", and here, you can peek into his personal environment to see how he lives with his vast imagination.

His choices are so clever, yet very attainable- he exemplifies how the mundane changes to something wonderous with a design talent behind it.

We love his great-looking, but straight-forward substitute for a livingroom bar cart. He simply and artfully loaded the drink bottles on the lowest shelf of his livingroom console table. It adds color and is lively and welcoming.

We also take away his great sense of color. He hasn't adhered to a specific palette, rather he has allowed in any color that works in the space by working with tone, rather than hue.

The last take-away is his obviously personal accessorizing and choice of artwork. It appears that he happily invites some that could be easily acquired from a current catalogue, while others leave us asking, "where in the world did he find them?"

How do you like the wheels at the bottom of his staircase? Does the staircase actually move, or not? Either way, it makes you think, look and smile.

Click the link above to see his entire, beautiful space.

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