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Photographed by Lisa van Eyssen for Global Design Post


by Lisa Van Eyssen, Contributing Editor

Nate Berkus is one of the most popular designers in the country owing to his many appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, his featured work in leading publications including Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Vogue, Elle Décor and his hugely popular television shows. Berkus took time out of his relentless schedule to talk with Global Design Post about his newest collaboration with The Shade Store. 

The introduction of the new collection at DODLA17 turned out to be the perfect launching point. It was at DWELL ON DESIGN two years ago that Berkus discovered The Shade Store and introduced himself. The conversation continued over the next year while Berkus hired the company to create the window treatments for private and television projects. Berkus noted the seamlessness of the experience; clean stores, knowledgeable salespeople, and perfect home measuring with drama-free installation. He also admitted the rarity in finding a company that does windows "really REALLY well. The option of DIY window treatments only exposes designers to a myriad of problems." says Berkus.

Berkus can place his interest in fabric, pattern and textile to his passion for travel, Now on his third passport, his first visit anywhere he goes is to the open air and flea markets to discover where the locals shop, and what they are most interested in.

The collection of five patterns for The Shade Store are largely based on textiles he owns and which have been redesigned with his Chicago team, reworking scale, pattern and color combinations, "I've been designing for all aspects of interiors for over 21 years, but this collaboration is different because it's addressing design vertically...roller shades give people a chance to layer." This aligns strongly with his personal philosophy that “a room should feel assembled and layered over time even if you hire a decorator, a good one really gets to know you and mixes vintage with new, antique with vintage and really understands your culture and your family’s culture.”

Family is never far from the designer's own thoughts these days. Berkus mentioned that his daughter Poppy is already enjoying newly installed window shades in her room.  Says Berkus, "The reoccurring pineapple palm fronds have whimsy and color and she is 2." Uh oh.  Do we think Poppy will find it, ‘all down hill’ after having a talented designer and parent creating and installing her window treatments? Jokes Berkus,  “ Oh no, you have no idea! She can rip her shades down and bring them with her to therapy.”

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