Ny Spaces

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Photographed by Peter Margonelli

Do you want to see this whole, amazing, Brooklyn home?

Why wouldn't you, unless you are afraid it will make you shake off that old dream of up and moving to New York- which you most defifnitely will give serious thought to when you see this gorgeous home (and all the other ones that this dedicated publication is featuring!)

We love the wool and silk Tibetan rug in the living room and the creamy palette that lights the room from within. We also love the kitchen and the windows and the art- basically everything!

There is no place like New York and it really needs to been shown to us by the people who know it best, so please click over to this terrific publication and enjoy it the way the locals do.

Article on New York Spaces by Arlene Hirst

Designed by Fogarty Finger, NY.


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