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"IN OUR INSTA AGE, the life cycle of a design trend has never been shorter: An idea that seemed so fresh one day feels dead the next, gone the way of so many millennial pink sofas and Beni Ourain rugs. How, then, does one create a real home, built to endure the whims of fashion? And how do designers, dependent on cultivating a certain recognizable vernacular for clients, manage to create an identity without becoming their own cliché?

A pair of young British architects may have found the answer. Over the last five years, Zoe Chan Eayrs and Merlin Eayrs have been creating some of the more compellingly decorated private homes in London, answering a creeping urban homogeneity with living spaces that feel as soulful as they do sophisticated: a Huguenot townhouse in Spitalfields reimagined with clean, modern lines and luxe materials like Arabescato marble and limed oak; a spare, skylit contemporary brick home with picture windows inspired by Chinese courtyard houses built on the site of a former auto body shop in Islington. " Read more ...

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